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 Thank you to our generous partners who make Takeout Kits shine even brighter. You share in our mission of bringing delicious international foods to the world and we support one another as small suppliers and businesses. Our passion for our craft and heritage delights our customers every day and together we take huge personal pride in making the world a tastier place. Cheers to you! 


Jyoti Natural Foods

Jyoti and Vijai Gupta founded JYOTI Natural Foods in 1979. At the time, there were only a handful of Indian restaurants in larger cities, but no prepared Indian foods or Indian presence in grocery stores. Jyoti Gupta chose to create a business around canning homemade Indian food. Along with their mission to spread the aroma and spices from India to every kitchen and every dinner plate, Jyoti Foods’ promotes healthy plant-based diets in a convenient shelf-stable form without the use of preservatives. The Gupta’s are also known for their generosity and support for employees, many of whom have faced challenges as immigrants to the U.S. Our personal favorite quote from Vijai Gupta: “I’m 78 years old. People ask me, ‘What is your secret?’ I tell them, ‘Eat like pig, drink like fish, run like horse, and sleep like a log.’” Jyoti and Vijai Gupta, you have won our hearts and our bellies! We are proud to feature Jyoti products in our Chana Masala kit, here.


Pure Indian Foods

Small Batch Organic Ghee: Non-GMO and Vegetarian from Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised Cows

In 2008 Sandeep Agarwal left a job on Wall Street to start Pure Indian Foods with his wife Nalini Agarwal. Sandeep & Nalini identified an opportunity to introduce high quality ghee to the United States based on a time-honored family process dating back to 1889 in India. “My wife Nalini makes all the ghee herself. It’s an art; she knows instinctively when it’s done, so that the ghee is neither underdone nor burnt. I joke that the only way for us to make more ghee is for me to have many wives.” – Sandeep Agarwal

Ghee is clarified butter with milk solids removed. This process takes out casein and lactose, making it an excellent alternative to butter for those with dairy intolerance. Pure Indian Foods uses only non-homogenized milk from cows during the spring and fall, when the grass is growing rapidly. When eating fresh grass, cows produce a high amount of fat-soluble vitamins and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in their milk. Pure Indian Foods is among the best-selling organic ghee brands and is Available on Amazon and at select Whole Foods. 


Eleni's Kitchen Ethiopian Food

Our Ethiopian Spiced Lentils & Injera Kit (Misr Wat) features Eleni’s original kulet simmer sauce which was spotlighted in a 2009 edition of The New York Times Dining and Wine section. The sauce evokes the traditional, open-flame style of Ethiopian cooking and is rich in exotic aromas. It…is…SO…good!

Eleni Woldeyes was born in Ethiopia. In 2001, her mother received an invitation to attend a relative’s wedding in Atlanta. “We had always wanted to come (to the United States), so when we got the wedding invitation, that was it,” she said. After the wedding, the family moved permanently to the U.S. where Woldeyes attended graduate school and met her husband. She spent a few years working in accounting before discovering her passion for cooking and launching Eleni’s Kitchen.


Fix Hot Sauce

Coming soon in our Vietnamese Pho Kit...Fix Hot Sauce.

The Fix journey started in Vietnam, where founders saw and tasted the difference of authentic, farm-fresh, and non-processed goodness. They made it their mission to bottle the premium bold flavors of South Asia and bring it back home. "We used to be interested in average bowls of pho served with your average hot sauce. We want more. And you deserve more. Fix was born to bring the best damn hot sauce to America." Learn more at Fix Hot Sauce.


Morinaga Foods

Morinaga Nutritional Foods is a manufacturer of soy products based in Torrance, CA USA. They produce the popular Mori-Nu Silken Tofu brand, a line of silken tofu widely sold across the US and around the world. Morinaga's soy products are sold in a unique aseptic package that protects fresh tofu from light and bacteria and allows for a long shelf life without refrigeration—without the use of preservatives!


OMBU Adventures

OMBU Adventures: outdoor adventures made easy: Fully planned trips. Food & transportation included. Starting at $60 a day.  Takeout Kit is a proud "glamping" meal kit supplier to OMBU's guides and adventurers.


Chefs & Brands

Are you interested in featuring your recipes or products in our meal kits? Partnering with Takeout Kit can be a great way to reach fans outside of your local market or expand to a new demographic. Get in touch with us at partners@takeoutkit.com to discuss!