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Welcome adventurous foodies!

The inspiration for Takeout Kit comes from my own experience with meal kits like Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh. As a busy professional and perpetual student, having to cook meal kits within 3-5 days added an unnecessary level of stress to my everyday life when it was SUPPOSED to be more convenient. I started Takeout Kit to address the issue of what I call "meal kit anxiety" or stress that comes from not being able to cook your meal kits before they expire.

Our mission is to ACTUALLY make your life easier with our 2 month shelf life meal kits. Our global-inspired kits will transport you around the world each month as you try new flavors from the comfort of your kitchen.

Live flavorfully!


Our Core Team

Rachael Lake
Josh Lake
COO & Advisor
Chef Jola Bacik
Chef David Dippong
Chef Lauren Brydon