About Us

Welcome, Adventurous Foodies!

Our mission is simple: we want to make exploring and cooking new international cuisines easy and fun.

Cooking with Takeout Kit is more than just getting dinner on the table. You’ll enjoy a unique cooking adventure and instantly transform your kitchen into a global café. We scour the globe for hard-to-find ingredients and authentic recipes - so you don't have to!

Through Takeout Kit, you will learn about the culture and background of the dish, discover exotic new ingredients, and follow easy recipes to craft your globally-inspired meal. We even give you music playlists and drink pairing recommendations to enhance your experience.

We believe that an appreciation of a country’s food cultivates curiosity in culture, which leads to traveling and learning, which leads to feeling more connected to a global community, and ultimately having a better life.

Through Takeout Kit we hope to bring that experience to every home in America!

Rachael Lake, Founder