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Our goal at Takeout Kit is simple, we want to help you cook and explore the cuisines of the world. In the global world we live in, it’s surprising how hard it is to find authentic recipes and all the right ingredients to cook exactly what you are craving. We aim to make these hard-to-find ingredients and recipes accessible to everyone. Whether it is our pre-portioned ingredients, or the easy to follow recipe cards, we make cooking international cuisines easy and fun. 

Our global-inspired kits will transport you around the world as you try new flavors from the comfort of your kitchen. Each box is a unique experience where you will learn something new about the cuisine you love. You will cook with ingredients you may not be able to pronounce, and discover new dishes you have never heard of. Through all of it, you will not just be creating delicious meals but you will be experiencing another culture.

At Takeout Kit we believe that if we can learn about another culture through their food we can also bring the world a little closer.

Live flavorfully!
Rachael Lake, Founder

A portion of each sale goes directly to our chefs

Our Core Team

Rachael Lake
Josh Lake
COO & Advisor
Chef Jola Bacik
Chef David Dippong
Chef Lauren Brydon