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  • Authentic Restaurant Quality

    Our pantry meal kits include all the non-perishable ingredients you need to cook the recipe. All dry ingredients such as spices, coconut milk, authentic sauces, herbs, noodles, bread mixes, rice, and the recipe card are included. Learn about our approach and partners.

  • Minimal Prep & Waste

    Because the best thing about cooking is eating. Ingredients are prepped and portioned - you deserve a break from chopping onions, zesting lemons, and recycling ice packs!

  • Faster Than Delivery

    Make your favorite restaurant meals at home. Take the guesswork out of finding the right recipe and ingredients. Most recipes take 25-45 minutes start to finish.

  • Cook Whenever You Want

    Subscriptions optional, free shipping, and you have 2 months to cook your kit. Refreshing? We think so!

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Spicing Things Up

Spice up your cooking routine with new global inspiration every month. Learn how to use an exotic ingredient, a new technique, or get excited for that international trip you've planned.

When You're Over-Scheduled

When grocery shopping is the LAST thing on your to-do list, it's a great idea to have a Takeout Kit on hand. The 2-month flexibility means no pressure to cook right away.


Looking for a unique gift idea for a special foodie? An international food subscription box makes a great gift for foodies, couples, new home chefs, or corporate gifts. Schedule a gift today!