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We've created a new way to think about dinner.

  • Restaurant Quality

    We source authentic international ingredients and choose organic or preservative-free whenever possible. Spanish chorizo, Japanese snow crab, organic tofu, organic fire roasted tomatoes, ancient grains, spice blends and curry pastes, instantly fresh herbs, and specialty sauces. Learn about our approach and partners.

  • Minimal Prep & Waste

    You deserve a break from chopping onions, zesting lemons, peeling garlic, recycling ice packs, etc. That's why the ingredients in our kits are prepped and portioned. Because the best thing about cooking is eating. Add your own fresh ingredients (optional) to make it your own.

  • Faster Than Delivery

    Learn how to make your favorite international meals at home. Take the guesswork out of finding the right recipe and ingredients. Learn how to cook with Korean gochujang or how to fold empanadas. We make the cooking part easy and enjoyable. Most recipes take 25-40 minutes start to finish.

  • Free Shipping + No Subscription Required

    Our mission is to make cooking international foods easier, so we've designed our meal kits to be ridiculously flexible; free shipping, optional subscriptions, and you have 2 months to cook your kit. Welcome to #dinnerhack paradise!

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Looking for a unique gift idea for a special foodie? An international food subscription box makes a great gift for adventurous foodies, couples, new chefs, and corporate gifts. Schedule an eCard today.

Adventurous Foodies

Spice up your cooking routine with new global flavors every month. Learn how to use an exotic ingredient, a new technique, or get excited for that international trip you've planned.

Busy Schedules

When grocery shopping is the LAST thing on your to-do list, it's always a good idea to have a few Takeout Kits on hand. The 2-month shelf life means no more pressure to cook within 3-5 days.

Featured Meal Kits

  • Indian Chicken Tikka Masala

    Classic saucy spiced richness. Served with basmati rice.

    Masala’s origins are highly debated. According to one theory, a UK bus driver in the 1960s complained that his chicken tikka was too dry. The chef improvised by adding tomato soup, spices, and a dash of cream to the dish and masala was born.

  • Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

    Clean spiced warmth. We keep our Pho traditionally simple. Our vegetable-based broth is flavored with toasted whole spices, full of tender rice noodles, clean basil and cilantro, sliced mushrooms, and diced tofu. Seasoned with umami-rich fish sauce, lime, hoisin, and Sriracha sauce. 

  • Moroccan Shakshuka with Freekeh & Harissa

    Flavor Profile: Tomato-Red Pepper Spiced Stew & Grains

    Shakshuka, or “a mixture” in Arabic, originated during the Ottoman Empire and has become a staple of Moroccan, Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian, and Algerian cuisines. The dish is traditionally served in a cast iron pan or tajine. Freekeh, (free-kah), is a roasted young green wheat grain. This eastern Mediterranean supergrain has a subtle smoky flavor and pleasantly chewy texture. Much like quinoa, freekeh is very high in protein and fiber.


People Are Talking...

"Easy meals for the globe trotter at heart. Takeout Kit is a huge delight: from the curation and packaging to the inclusion of hard-to-find ingredients to the incredible ease of cooking the meal itself (seriously, the hardest thing I had to do was open a can) to the tastiness and generous size of the meal I prepared, every element of this kit was a 10 out of 10!"

"You really have to nail this kind of idea – and we thought Takeout Kit totally did. It was restaurant quality taste and everything could be stored in our pantry until we were ready to make it – it was just the ticket for a quick meal late at night after running errands."

"I really liked Takeout Kit. I love food, though I wouldn’t call myself a cook. But after I made this meal, I spent the whole next day telling friends about this amazingly easy (and delicious) this curry I made. It’s encouraging to learn a recipe that you could make again on your own. And did I mention—as is true of all great takeout meals, this was just as tasty (if not more so) after sitting in the fridge overnight!"

"I really loved this subscription. The dish was easy to make and I like that is was something I wouldn’t normally make. The subscription price is great too. It’s very expensive eating out for a family of four, especially now that my kids are too big to share meals."