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Prepare dishes inspired by cuisines from around the globe

Takeout Kit
  • Globally-Inspired Flavors

    Our pantry meal kits include everything you need to make an authentic meal at home. High-quality non-perishable ingredients like imported spices, sauces, coconut milk, herbs, proteins, noodles, baking mixes, and rice. Learn about our approach and partners.

  • Faster (and Healthier) than Take-Out

    • Take-out classics in 25-40 min ✔ 
    • Fool-proof recipes and ingredients ✔
    • Exotic specialty ingredients  ✔
    • Actually see what goes in your food ✔

  • No Prep

    Prep work is virtually non-existent; ingredients come in the right quantity ready to go. That means you can get dinner on the table faster - because the best thing about cooking is eating

  • Cook Whenever

    Takeout Kits can sit patiently on the shelf for up to 2 months. No food waste = no cash wasted. Refreshing? We think so!

"A food subscription box so you can travel the world, Anthony Bourdain style, without breaking your budget"

- BuzzFeed

Our home chefs say it best...

"Our favorite food delivery service! I need to order more of these ;-) Your kits are the best of all we've tried (Green Chef, Peach Dish, Hello Fresh, and Terra's Kitchen)! We keep coming back to Takeout Kit as our gold standard favorite of all time. None of the others compare."

"I’ve tried a lot of delivery cooking boxes. I love to cook, yet with limited time because of work and limited ingredients in Maine, I have turned to online food services. This is my fourth food box company and these boxes, no joke and no paid endorsement are AMAZING. Super easy. You don’t end up with 10 pans in the sink after. Most recipes you can control your spice level. The portions are large & I was never pressured to cook anything immediately because they keep well. I will certainly be ordering again."

“I am hooked! Everything is delicious and smells divine, easy to cook, and for me, the best part is learning about new ingredients and dishes, educational and tasty at the same time :D”

"Quick, tasty and really fun, I love reading about the dishes and they are really different from anything else I've tried. The prices are good too, I googled some of the products in the kit, they can get real expensive."

"Takeout kits are simple and fun, and I especially love that I can wait 2 months to make them. My husband and I particularly like exotic, spicy dishes, so they're a perfect way to enjoy world cuisine without a drive into the city. Kits also make great gifts!"