New! Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito Kit

January 11, 2017

New! Argentinian Empanadas & Sofrito Kit

Our new empanada kit features chicken filling seasoned with manzanilla green olives and a rich achiote spice blend. Craft your own dough from scratch and watch these hand pies bake to a crispy perfection before devouring them with a bright, zesty, sofrito dipping sauce.

Chef David DippongIntroducing: Chef David
We’re excited to introduce the mastermind behind this kit, Chef David Dippong! He was most recently a Google chef in Venice Beach, CA. Prior to Google, David was a private chef in Beverly Hills and Provence, France. "One of my greatest joys is sharing new foods with others. I believe that if you don't like a certain food, you just haven't had it your way yet."

Get the wine ready! Empanada-making is a fun date night or get-together activity. Heads up: this kit takes longer than our other kits (60 min active cooking time). So grab some friends who don’t mind working for their food, share bottle(s) of Malbec or Torrontes, and get crafty in the kitchen!

RepulgueSpeak food with us: "repulgué"
In cafes around Argentina, you can tell the filling of an empanada just by looking at the pattern on the edge. This fold pattern is known as repulgué.

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