New! Taco Holder Trio

We're guessing that you've faced this before - you create the perfect taco only to have it fall apart when you lay it down on a plate. Well, my friend, never suffer from taco spills again with this ingenious taco holder! A stainless steel wave design is easy to clean and durable. Purchase 1 or multiple for everyone at your table. Instantly elevates taco night and makes it easier to enjoy delicious (but sometimes floppy) flour tortillas. You might think to yourself "why would I ever need a taco holder" and to that we answer "why not?".



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  •  A handy kitchen aid for keeping your tacos upright
  •  Made from polished stainless steel for easy clean-up
  •  The taco rack works incredibly well as a metal baking stand, whether you're baking tacos, heating up tortillas or leftovers from your favorite local taco spot. Throw the taco holder in the oven, dishwasher, or on the grill. They're built to last.
  •  Size: 8×9.9×5.1cm
  •  Material:stainless steel
  • Package content: 1 pc Taco Holder

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