Tour of Thailand Sampler

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  • 25-40 min

  • Easy-Medium

Mild . Easy
Tour Thailand from the comfort of your kitchen with these 3 cooking kits. Start in Northern Thailand by sampling Thai Curry Noodles (Khao Soi), stop in Bangkok for some classic Pad Thai, and finish on the beaches of Southern Thailand (Krabi) with luxuriously smooth Thai Crab Curry. Samplers include 3 meal kits (4 servings each).

Thai Curry Noodles (Khao Soi)
Move over pad thai - Khao Soi is true Thai comfort food. This Burmese-inspired dish is a noodle-lover's favorite; featuring soft chewy noodles in a rich curry broth topped with crunchy fried wonton noodles. Although still rare in the U.S., khao soi has been receiving some well-deserved attention lately. Will you be the first to tell your friends about it? See more... 

Pad Thai
This authentic Pad Thai recipe takes you straight to the streets of Bangkok’s vibrant night markets. Learn the perfect stir-frying technique and flavor combinations of an authentic Pad Thai in about 40 minutes! See More…

Thai Crab Curry with Jasmine Rice
Savor the taste of Krabi, Thailand with luxurious yellow crab curry made with premium crab and fragrant jasmine rice. Many travelers assume that “Krabi” was named after the huge crab population in southern Thailand. However, Krabi comes from the Thai word “sword” in reference to an ancient sword that was unearthed prior to the city's founding. See more...




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