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"Takeout Kit has perhaps found the most specific niche in the meal kit delivery market, in that it promotes around-the-world flavors with shelf-stable pantry ingredients. So if you're an adventurous, worldly eater who loves to cook but who worries about the perishables you leave behind when that last-minute flight deal becomes available, here's your angle. Because of its shelf-stable nature, spices, sauces, coconut milk, grains and legumes are highly emphasized."
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CNET - July 12, 2018
"For a 'gramable global-inspired meal she'll most definitely post about on Facebook. (As she should!)"
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BuzzFeed - April 20, 2018
"An international takeout subscription box so you can travel the world, Anthony Bourdain style, without breaking into your grocery budget."
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BuzzFeed - December 14, 2017
Meal kits come to Walmart stores and online grocery service
TechCrunch - March 08, 2018
"An international takeout subscription box that'll let you travel the world together without moving an inch."
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BuzzFeed - December 08, 2017
"[Takeout Kit's] recipes are all global dishes—they lean heavily on East Asian flavors. Meal kits include dry, canned, or packaged ingredients making each kit's shelf life two months.The shelf-stable element makes these kits more sustainable, since they don't require all of the environment-destroying packaging of perishable meal plans."
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Epicurious - March 09, 2018
"Great for having dinner ingredients ready-to-go for a quick weekend at the beach."
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Forbes - December 02, 2016
"Walmart has officially joined the meal kit scene, offering options like chicken tikka masala and Thai crab curry with jasmine rice on its website. The company appears to be working with several brands, such as Takeout Kit and Home Chef, to offer diverse cuisines like Sichuan-style Mapo tofu, Moroccan shakshuka, and Spanish paella."
Walmart now sells meal kits, just like Amazon and Blue Apron
The Verge - December 07, 2017
"If this strategy does turn out to be popular and profitable, then Walmart can look at maybe acquiring one of the meal-kit companies, just as private grocery chain Albertsons acquired meal-kit company Plated for $200 million in September."
Walmart and Amazon Compete for the $5 Billion Meal-Kit Market That's Slipping Away From Blue Apron
The Motley Fool - December 19, 2017
"The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Takeout Kit was the first meal kit company to be featured on Walmart.com."
Meal Kits Are Already Selling Out on Walmart.com
TheStreet - December 05, 2017
"There was talk of Walmart beginning to sell meal kits back in September, but now it seems that the plan has finally been brought to life. The company has partnered with brands like as Home Chef and Takeout Kit to sell the kits online, and they're now available in various cuisines. Takeout Kit specializes in a ton of global options such as chicken tikka masala, paella, and shakshuka, while Home Chef's meal options are a bit more classic."
Walmart's Now Selling Blue Apron-Style Meal Kits
delish - March 05, 2018
"Great for those wanting the convenience of a meal subscription service without the 3-5 day pressured time frame for cooking it."
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Refinery29 - December 11, 2017
The Best Meal Service Is All Of Them
LifeHacker - May 22, 2017
"You get the tastiness of a home cooked meal, without having to sacrifice your schedule."
Takeout Kit Review: A Meal Delivery Service On Your Schedule
Food Box HQ - August 08, 2018
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