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Always Have Dinner on Hand

Your restaurant favorites - ready when you are. Future you will thank you!

Authentic Global Flavors

Our pantry meal kits include everything needed to make an authentic meal at home. Quality hard-to-find ingredients like spices, sauces, coconut milk, noodles & rice. Choose convenience with an all-inclusive kit (protein included) or add your own fresh protein for a few dollars less.

Minimal Prep

Prep work is virtually non-existent; ingredients come in the right quantity ready to go. That means you can get dinner on the table faster - because the best thing about cooking is eating.

Faster Than Delivery

• What's even faster than delivery? Already having a meal kit at home, of course!
• Restaurant favorites in 25-40 min
• Easy to follow recipes
• Actually see what goes in your food

Cook Whenever You Want

Takeout Kits have a long shelf life and can be stored in your pantry until you're ready to cook. We recommend stocking up on a few favorites to always have on hand.

Welcome, adventurous chefs!