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Better than take-out

Learn how to make your restaurant favorites. Future you will thank you!

Authentic Global Flavors

Our pantry meal kits include everything you need to make an authentic meal at home. Quality hard-to-find ingredients like imported spices, sauces, coconut milk, herbs, proteins, noodles, baking mixes, and rice.

No Prep Required

Prep work is virtually non-existent; ingredients come in the right quantity ready to go. That means you can get dinner on the table faster - because the best thing about cooking is eating.

Faster Than Delivery

• What's even faster than delivery? Already having a meal at home, of course!
• Restaurant favorites in 25-40 min
• Easy to follow recipes
• Actually see what goes in your food

Cook Whenever You Want

Takeout Kits can sit patiently on the shelf until you're ready to cook. No food wasted = no cash wasted. Refreshing? We think so!

Our home chefs say it best...

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